The newsletter was published.  A link to it can be found on the Facebook page:

The January newsletter will be released on the Facebook page at the end of the month.  It updates TLGVs on news, cultural information and program announcements.  It is available on the TLG Facebook page.
Warm wishes to everyone for the seasonal holidays.  (Christmas falls on January 7th in Georgia, because of the old calander that is still in use for the Georgian Orthodox church).

We're very proud to announce that one of our volunteers (Alexander Thatcher) was chosen as an Honourable Mention for the age group of 14-18 participants in the 2016 Global Folklorist Challenge for the Smithsonian Institution. Alexander's students' entries were judged to be "exemplary, standing out from submission around the world. The entry is recognized as an Honourable Mention on our site at http://challenges.epals.com/folklife2016/winners/ "

Alexander won a prize for his students and school from the Smithsonian Institute, and so we at TLG would like to extend a congratulations to him here as well.

Well done, and thanks for making a difference, Alexander!



As a post-Soviet country, Georgia is at a turning point in its history. For centuries, while other countries and cultures were globalising, Georgia’s borders were closed to the outside world. Now, as a sovereign state, Georgia has the opportunity to integrate with the rest of the world—linguistically and culturally. This is what makes TLG a particularly unique program. Bringing English, French and German speakers into classrooms increases English language proficiency throughout the country, which is essential to Georgia’s ability to assimilate into the modern world. Further, bringing speakers from diverse cultures into not only the classroom, but the communities, as well, encourages interaction and the sharing of values and customs – something Georgia has missed out on for far too long.


A main goal of TLG is to provide cultural exchange between Georgians and TLG volunteers. The TLG Volunteers are placed in host families, and amongst communities, which allows them to establish relationships with the locals. Further, all TLGVs co-teach with up to three local English teachers which gives them hands-on experience engaging in cross-cultural teamwork. Service work as a TLG volunteer challenges students to use their resourcefulness, creativity, and interpersonal skills to create positive change for the local community. The entirety of the experience provides students with valuable firsthand insights into the global community at large.


TLG is dedicated to fostering an environment in which a student can complement his or her career growth through their service as a TLG volunteer. Although the aim of the program is largely focused on education in Georgia, and specifically teaching the English language, the experience which TLG volunteers gain is interdisciplinary in nature. For example, students can gain first-hand experience learning about history, international relations, language, religion, post-Soviet studies, political systems, development, social work, and more.


--That teaching and learning process is carried out in accordance with the standard of foreign language by local foreign language teachers.

--Local foreign-language teachers are also expected to improve their language skills

--Local foreign-language teachers to gain experience in implementing new teaching methods from their foreign volunteer colleagues.

--That foreign language learning motivation is enhanced, and foreign language level among students is increased, thereby increasing motivation of the students and their language proficiency of students

--That the community is encouraged to become more tolerant towards other cultures.


Mid-term training session for our volunteers will happen from November 3rd.  Preparations are underway for the 3 day seminar right now.

The Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia aims at establishing modern and innovative educational and scientific environment in close cooperation with civil society. The Ministry advocates freedom of choice, fair competition, equal opportunities, civil integrity, and respect for cultural identity. The Ministry promotes acquisition and development of knowledge and skills necessary for social success and self-realization.

Due to the late demand, we have decided to create a 2nd group of volunteers for an October start.  If you have been considering applying but were worried that the September deadline had already past, you can apply now for October!

Compiling contracts and flight details.
Send in the applications these next few days if you still wish to be included in the Sept 2016 - June 2017 academic year.  We are finalising the latest team of volunteer teachers right now.

Memrise offers a great selection of Georgian language learning modules:


We are busy processing applicants and interviews now.  Send in your application as well to be a part of this exciting upcoming academic school year in the country of Georgia. Any questions can be directed to this email: tlgadmin@tpdc.ge

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