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A public holiday in all schools.
The Anthony Bourdain Travel Show in Georgia.  Did you watch it?  Here is a short clip.

9 Reasons to Visit Georgia:


For all you nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts, have a look at two possible volunteer placements this year.  (For further information, be sure to browse around our website.)

Svaneti, the Breathtaking:

Ajara, the Beautiful:
In the city of Rustavi, Public School #7 held a sports competition where the aim was English language teaching demonstration activities. The 5th and 6th grade students presented in English to demonstrate the different types of sporting activity. The students competed individually as well as doubles. The event was initiated with the help of local and foreign volunteers. 

Some feedback from our volunteers/co-teachers on the recent training:

"It is a pleasure to have Tina Begiashvili who is so open and gentle as a person.  She inspires us."

"I am happy I had the chance to attend your training, and helped me improve myself as a professional."

"As a Georgian co-teacher, I can say that I enjoy this project and wish more volunteers arrived to work with us and encourage the study of English in our public schools!"

Our volunteers had a great time at our latest training session in the beautiful Imereti town of Tskaltubo, in the famed Spa Resort.  
The title of the 4 day seminar was "Teaching Writing and Class Projects". Topics included:

--How to help ESL students acquire the skills they need to produce written texts, such as letters, descriptions, essays, messages, postcards, etc.

--How to create class projects.

Tskaltubo Spa Resort

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