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TLG Staff Page

Program Coordinator: Maiko Khachidze


Legal and Human Resources Manager: (Currently hiring)

TLG’s Legal and HR Manager is responsible for monitoring the legal activities of the program and solving anylegal issues that may arise under the scope of the program. This includes, but is not limited to, the drafting and monitoring of any employment contract changes, keeping track of vacations and salaries, and ensuring that all legal protocol is being followed correctly.


Financial Manager: Irina Karaulashvili

TLG’s Financial Manager is in charge of budget planning and monitoring, conducting financial operations in order to buy supplies, services, and/or business trips, as well as tracking and monitoring the financial process.

 Irina Karaulashvili

Academic Manager
Nely Karashvili
 (Tbilisi and Kvemo Kartli RM)

TLG’s Academic Team is responsible for helping TLG Volunteers establish successful working relationships with their school administrators, co-teachers, and local Educational Resource Centers. Additionally, they implement and monitor all initiatives pertaining to volunteer activity in schools.

Hotline and Administrative Manager: Nata Kavtaradze 

The TLG Hotline, available 24/7, is one of the main avenues of communication with TLG Volunteers in Georgia.  By telephone and email, the Hotline Team keeps volunteers informed, answers all general inquiries, and collects and updates volunteers’ information. 
TLG’s Administrative Manager is in charge of coordinating all program administrative activities and organising transportation

Selection/Recruitment and 
Health, Safety, and Support Manager
 Manager:  Khatia Matkava      

TLG’s Selection/Recruitment Manager works with prospective volunteers who apply directly to TLG. They conduct the screening process in order to evaluate and choose which applicants have the skills to successfully perform the expected duties of a TLG Volunteer.

TLG’s Health, Safety, and Support Manager screens applicants’ medical documentation and assists TLG Volunteers with medical examinations or care, as needed. Additionally, they serve as a liaison between TLG and the health insurance provider.

Flights Manager: Tamta Natsvaladze (Adjara-Guria RM)

TLG’s Flights Manager serves as the central point of contact for interactions between TLG Volunteers, the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, and the travel agency regarding travel arrangements. Their main duties include gathering, analysing and coordinating volunteers’ flight requests, organising itineraries, and providing general travel assistance.

Regional Managers:

TLG’s Regional Managers (RM) provide ongoing support in all Academic, Non-Academic, and Medical matters to TLG Volunteers, as well as distribute information, coordinate Introduction Meetings, and facilitate various regional events.

Tbilisi and Kvemo Kartli Regional Manager: Nely Karashvili

 Adjara and Guria Regional Manager: Tamta Natsvaladze

Samtskhe Javakheti, Shida-Kartli and Kakheti Regional Manager and a training manager: Tamar Chanturishvili

Tamara Chanturishvili

Samegrelo and Zemo Svaneti Regional Manager: Ekaterine Memanishvili

Imereti, Racha-Lechkhumi and Mtskheta Mtianeti Regional Manager: Tea Vakhtangadze